GH-010 Iron Dining Armchair from Vietnam Outdoor Furniture Supplier

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GH-010 Iron Dining Armchair from Vietnam Outdoor Furniture Supplier

Triquimex’s iron dining armchair, numbered GH-010, is distributed by Triquimex, a Vietnam outdoor furniture supplier.

• Iron frame

• Powder coating

• Stacking chair

The chair is neat and elegant in design. It looks strong and stable with four straight legs and X-stretcher. The lattice seat gives the chair firm seating and a nice look. The back is designed with appropriate level of reclining, ensuring you comfort when you lean backwards. The curved armrests enhance the appearance of the chair and give your arms good support.

Triquimex is not only a Vietnam outdoor furniture supplier but also a manufacturer. This iron dining armchair is one of our products. It is for both indoor and outdoor use. And because you can place it outdoors, we fully protect it against the elements.

At Triquimex, we always powder coat the chair. The treatment gives the chair a nice finish and keeps it from rust. Besides, galvanizing is the optional treatment we can apply to the chair. It will keep the item from scratching during your use. These treatment(s) will ensure you a durable iron chair.

Although it is OK to sit on the lattice seat, you may love to add color to the chair with a cushion. Also, a cushion will bring you comfort when you sit on the chair. As a Vietnam outdoor furniture supplier, Triquimex can provide you with cushions as an essential accessory to the chair, if required.

This iron dining chair is 45/102 cm high and 48 cm wide. This is a stacking chair. If you own several chairs, the chair design allows you to stack them together to save space. The feature gives convenience when you want to transport or store a number of chairs.

You can use the chair for your private garden, your patio, or your café terrace. And if you are interested in the chair and looking for a Vietnam outdoor furniture supplier, please contact Triquimex.