GH-005 Iron Dining Armchair from Vietnam Garden Furniture Factory

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GH-005 Iron Dining Armchair from Vietnam Garden Furniture Factory

Triquimex’s iron dining armchair, numbered GH-005, is made at our Vietnam garden furniture factory.

• Iron frame

• Powder coating

• Stacking chair

The armchair is nice in design. It features a decorative back. The back is decorative with scrollwork patterns. The lattice seat brings the chair a nice look. It give you firm seating. The armrests will make your arms comfy. Sit on the chair. Lean backwards. Put your arms on the armrests. You may feel relaxed. The chair looks strong with four straight legs and an X-stretcher. Under the legs are foot caps to protect the floor from scratching.

In our Vietnam garden furniture factory, we manufacture wrought iron furniture with high quality. The raw iron is carefully chosen to ensure the product quality. Besides, because Triquimex specialize in outdoor furniture, we apply all necessary protection treatments to our furniture to make it all-weather furniture.

At Triquimex, we give the chair a powder coated finish to make it nice and anti-rust. In addition, we can galvanize the iron frame make it more durable if you require. As a result, this durable dining chair will ensure you many years of outdoor use.

This iron dining chair can be placed indoors or outdoors. You can place it in the dining room or on the patio. Combine it with a nice dining table to make an inviting dining area. Also, you can add a cushion to the seat for attractiveness and comfort. Triquimex can provide you with cushions for the chair, if required.

Workers at our Vietnam garden furniture factory make the iron dining chair with dimensions ensuring you a comfy chair. It is 45/101 cm high and 48 cm wide. This is a stacking chair. With this model, you can stack several chairs together to save space for storage or transport.