GH-025 Iron Chair by Vietnam Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer

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GH-025 Wrought Iron Chair by Vietnam Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer

The wrought iron chair, numbered GH-025, is an outdoor chair for export made by Triquimex, a Vietnam outdoor furniture manufacturer.

• Iron frame

• Powder coating

The lattice patterns appear on both the back and the seat, bringing the chair a distinct look. The legs are designed with curule motif. As a whole, the chair looks “masculine”, neat, and a little bit modern. The chair can be placed indoors or outdoors.

When placing the chair outdoors, you may wonder if it gets rusty. However, do not worry about that. Made by an experienced Vietnam outdoor furniture manufacturer, the chair will please you with its durability. At Triquimex, we apply powder coating to iron frame to give it a nice finish and keep it away from rust. You can place the chair outdoors for years.

The chair goes well with mosaic table. You also want to add a cushion to the seat for more comfort. Triquimex can provide you with cushions, if required. The cushion color will make the table set more attractive.

This wrought iron chair is 45/98 cm high and 42 cm wide. The seat is 40 cm wide. It has no armrests. With dimensions, the chair will give you comfortable seating. Also, because it has no armrests, it will be easier for you to move in and out when sitting around the table going with the chair.

Triquimex can provide you with a wide range of iron outdoor chairs. And if you have your own design and want to find a Vietnam outdoor furniture manufacturer to make it for you, contact Triquimex. We can customize our designs to meet your demand or manufacture outdoor chairs according to your own design in large quantity. We welcome all opportunities to work with you.