GH-004 Iron Bistro Armchair from Mosaic Furniture Factory in Vietnam

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GH-004 Iron Bistro Armchair from Mosaic Furniture Factory in Vietnam

Triquimex’s iron bistro armchair, numbered GH-004, will win your heart with the strength of iron and the rustic beauty of mosaic art.

• Iron frame

• Mosaic work on the back for decorating

• Powder coating

In our mosaic furniture factory in Vietnam, we have good equipment and skilled craftspeople to make nice and quality iron and mosaic furniture. The iron bistro armchair is strong and nice in design.

The chair features a nice decorative back. There is mosaic work on the back. The glazed ceramic tiles make lovely patterns. The mosaic patterns are white in background and have the floral and ring pattern in blue. The mosaic work brings an elegant look to the chair.

The four legs are strengthened by X-stretcher. The lattice seat and the decorative back give you good support. The armrests are curved, enhancing the beauty of the chair and well supporting your arms. The foot caps under the legs make the chair more stable and protect the floor from scratching.

Triquimex can ensure the quality of our iron chairs. In our mosaic furniture factory in Vietnam, we only use high quality iron and mosaic tiles to make details of the furniture. We also treat it with innovative technologies to make it durable and more beautiful.

Therefore, you can be pleased with our iron bistro armchair. The bistro armchair can be placed indoors or outdoors. When you place it outdoors, the chair will show you how heavy-duty it is. We waterproof the decorative mosaic work for weather resistance. We powder coat the iron frame to make it beauty and hard to get rusty.

This bistro armchair is made in our mosaic furniture factory in Vietnam. It is 45/100 cm high and 48 cm wide. You can make it nicer and yourself comfier by adding a cushion to the seat.

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  1. I am interested in “GH-004 Iron Bistro Armchair from Mosaic Furniture Factory”.
    I would need 4 chairs with cushions.
    Can you advise your price and also delivery costs to Hanoi district Hoan Kiem.

    thank you,

    • Hello Anastassia,

      Thank you for your contact and inquiry. Quotation has been sent to you in your e-mail address. Thank you.

      Triquimex Team

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