GH-017 Wrought Iron Armchair from Vietnam Supplier of Outdoor Furniture

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GH-017 Wrought Iron Armchair from Vietnam Supplier of Outdoor Furniture

The wrought iron armchair, numbered GH-017, is manufactured by Triquimex, a Vietnam supplier of outdoor furniture.

• Mosaic work on the back

• Iron frame

• Powder coating

Wrought iron is malleable. Mosaic art is flexible in patterns. They make a perfect couple. A chair made from wrought iron and decorated with mosaic work is stylish.

This wrought iron armchair has a decorative look. It features scroll armrests. The armrests embellish the chair and well support your arms. The back is decorated with a small mosaic work tiled with terracotta tiles. The work brings a rustic look to the chair. The four legs are strengthened by a curved X-stretcher. Together they form a stable chair. Under the legs are foot caps to protect the floor from scratching when you leave it inside.

Triquimex directly manufacture this wrought iron armchair. And as a Vietnam supplier of outdoor furniture, we can ensure the quality of our product. The chair is powder coated for anti-corrosion. The mosaic work on the back is waterproofed for water resistant. Therefore, whether you put the chair inside or outside, its durability may delight you.

The wrought iron chair is 45/102 cm high and 50 cm wide. With the dimensions, the chair will give you relaxing seating. You can add a cushion to the round seat for comfort. Usually, Triquimex can provide you with removable cushion if required. An outdoor chair with cushions will make your living space more inviting.

The elegance of the chair works well with the beauty of a terracotta mosaic table. Wrought iron and mosaic art make stunning outdoor furniture. Whether it is a chair or a table, the furniture still has a special charm. It may win the heart of anyone who loves handcrafts. If you are seeking a Vietnam supplier of outdoor furniture, contact Triquimex.