GH-059 Iron dining chair

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Iron Dining Chair, numbered GH-059, Made by Triquimex - Vietnamese Furniture Manufacturer

  • Iron dining chair
  • Powder coating
  • Modern style

GH-059 Iron Dining Chair is one of our metal furniture products. It is suitable for family’s living space, kitchen space. This production is provided from our garden furniture factory. There are many options that is various from models to colors for customer to choose.

The Iron Dining Chair GH-059 is manufactured in simple, but modern design. It brings an elegant and aesthetic look for your space. The bright and harmony of color with nice styles of the iron dining chair will bring for your family the feeling of pleasures and funny atmosphere.

The iron dining chair is made of iron bar and iron sheet. All these details are treated by powder coating technology. Therefore it will have ability to prevent rust and bad effect from the outside. The seat is design in square shape. The back is twist like a curve to make you relax and comfort whenever you lean your back on. Under the four legs of this iron dining chair are rubber buttons to prevent the floor from scratching.

For GH-059 model, our metal furniture factory chooses blue as the color for samples. It is bright and friendly colors so that it’s very suitable for exhibition space. Moreover, we can also manufacture products with different colors depending on the design concept of customer. Therefore, you are free to creative your own space of the dining room.

A great living space in the home is indispensable for the dining table and chairs. Come to our factory outdoor iron furniture, customers will get more choices with diverse in designs and colors. We always want to give our customers perfect spaces.

At our garden furniture factory, we consider the quality of all our products as our first priority. We choose very good raw materials and added powder coating treatment for all details of products. Thus, customer does not need to worry about durability and certainty of products.

Thank you for your time with Triquimex!