PK-010 Decorative Metal Outdoor Plant Stand

  • Decorative-Metal-Outdoor-Plant-Stand

PK-010 Decorative Metal Outdoor Plant Stand

Bring a bit of greenery to your porch or patio with Triquimex’s decorative metal outdoor plant stand.

• Mosaic tops

• Iron frame

• Waterproofing and powder coating

Triquimex is a manufacturer of outdoor furniture. In addition to tables and chairs, we also make outdoor accessories like plant stands, sun loungers, swings, etc. Most our product is make of wrought iron and mosaic tiles. The two types of materials require the patience and attention to details from the furniture maker. Most details are made with hands, so wrought iron and mosaic furniture is unique and aesthetic.

This metal outdoor plant stand has a decorative shape. It is inspired from the shape of a penny-farthing bicycle. The frame is made of wrought iron, a malleable material. Therefore, every detail of the frame is aesthetic.

Your potted flowers or plants will be put on the basket, the saddle, and the smaller wheel of the bicycle. The surfaces of the stand are covered with ceramic mosaic tiles. The tiles are well arranged on the surfaces to make desired mosaic patterns. And because mosaic art is flexible in pattern design, we have a lot of mosaic patterns for you to choose from.

Designed for outdoor use, this metal outdoor plant stand is fully weatherproofed. At Triquimex, we waterproof the mosaic tops for water resistance. We also powder coat the iron frame for anti-rust. Therefore, when left outside, this decorative plant stand can withstand the elements and keep its beauty for years.

Choose potted flowers and plants to display on the lovely plant stand. The shape of the stand and the levels of mosaic surfaces will ensure you stylish flower arrangement. If you place the stand on the entryway leading to your garden, it will be a friendly welcome to your guests.

This metal outdoor plant stand is 50 cm high or more. It weighs at least 4000 grams.