TR-019 Customized Iron and Mosaic Outdoor Table

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  • Customized-Iron-and-Mosaic-Outdoor-Table

TR-019 Customized Iron and Mosaic Outdoor Table

Triquimex can manufacture outdoor furniture according to your design ideas. One of our made-to-order products is the customized iron and mosaic outdoor table, numbered TR-019.

• Handcrafted ceramic mosaic table

• Knock-down system

• Waterproofing and powder coating

This is a customized table we make for a customer. The table top is tiled with white and light blue ceramic tiles. The ring patterns and the color combination bring something peaceful and elegant. The word SWEET-HOME is arranged from small pieces of light blue ceramic tiles. All pattern details are made with hands. Therefore, the top reflects the care and attention to details of the craftspeople.

This customized iron and mosaic outdoor table is 75 cm high. The top diameter is 110 cm. This is an outdoor dining table for café terrace.

The wrought iron base is simple but “masculine”. It is constructed of four legs and a ring stretcher. The curved legs give more legroom for people sitting around the table. It also ensures the strength and stability of the table. With this design, the base both well supports the mosaic top and gives the table a nice look.

As mentioned, this is a customized iron and mosaic outdoor table. Therefore, if you have any idea for the top or want to add your company logo on the top with mosaic art, feel free to tell us. Our craftspeople can customize the patterns or words on a mosaic top for you. You may be pleased with what mosaic art can do for you.

Triquimex always try to make our outdoor tables and chairs convenient for your life. Our knock-down furniture will make your transport or storage more convenient.

Like other outdoor tables made by Triquimex, this customized iron and mosaic outdoor table is waterproofed and powder coated to hold up weather conditions.