PK-027 Concrete Parasol Base from Vietnam Mosaic Furniture Manufacturer

  • Concrete-Parasol-Base-from-Vietnam-Mosaic-Furniture-Manufacturer

PK-027 Concrete Parasol Base from Vietnam Mosaic Furniture Manufacturer

Enjoy the nature in the shade with a garden parasol positioned by the concrete parasol base, numbered PK-027. It is made by Triquimex, a Vietnam mosaic furniture manufacturer.

• Concrete core

• Waterproofed mosaic surface

• Powder coated iron stem

Mosaic art has many practical applications in life. You can see works of mosaic art on the wall of buildings, on the floor of swimming pools, etc. With the passion for mosaic art, Triquimex consider it a tool for our craftspeople to make gorgeous tables tops and other garden accessories.

This parasol base is filled with concrete. It is in round shape. The concrete core makes a heavy parasol base.

The mosaic surface is catchy with terracotta tiles and colorful mosaic tiles. As a Vietnam mosaic furniture manufacturer, Triquimex’s workforce includes skilled craftspeople. All mosaic details of this parasol base are arranged and tiled with hands. Therefore, this parasol base can be considered a handcraft with unique look. When place outdoors, this garden accessory will stand out on the lawn.

The base features an iron stem. On the stem are two tightening knobs to well position the umbrella pole. The wheels under the base are optional. The wheels will allow you to move the base from one place to another place easily.

Triquimex is an experienced Vietnam mosaic furniture manufacturer. Our technical know-how will ensure you heavy-duty parasol bases. Its nice appearance and durability can stand the test of time. It is because of the treatments applied to it. We waterproof the mosaic surface for weather resistance. We powder coat the iron stem for anti-rust. The treatments help the base withstand the elements.

This round concrete parasol base is 10 cm height, 40 cm in diameter, and more than 40 kilograms in weight. The dimensions can be changed to well secure your garden parasol.