PK-025 Concrete and Mosaic Patio Umbrella Stand

  • Concrete-and-Mosaic-Patio-Umbrella-Stand
  • Round-Concrete-and-Mosaic-Parasol-Base

PK-025 Concrete and Mosaic Patio Umbrella Stand

The concrete and mosaic patio umbrella stand, numbered PK-025, is a decorative and functional. It is made by Triquimex, a manufacturer of outdoor furniture and garden accessory.

• Concrete core

• Waterproofed mosaic top

• Powder coated iron stem

The umbrella stand is nice and strong. It features a nice mosaic top. The round top is tiled with terracotta tiles. Ceramic tiled red “flowers” embellish the top. The blue ring pattern stands out in the terracotta background. It can be said that the mosaic top is really a work of art. It will make your garden more beautiful.

Similar to making a mosaic table top, the mosaic tiles are tiled on a concrete surface. However, because the umbrella stand must be heavy to keep the outdoor umbrella in position, the layer of concrete must be much thicker. The concrete core will ensure a stable and strong umbrella base.

This concrete and mosaic patio umbrella stand can features wheels under the base for easy mobility, if required. Its stem is made of iron. On the stem are two tightening knobs for firmly hold the umbrella pole in place.

Triquimex specialize in garden furniture, so we can ensure the durability of this plant stand. To help it hold up the elements, we waterproof the mosaic top to keep its beauty and weather resistance. We also powder coat the iron stem to make it rust resistant. Therefore, you can use this mosaic umbrella stand to keep your outdoor umbrella in place for years.

This concrete and mosaic patio umbrella stand is 10 cm in height. The round top is 40 cm in diameter. The item weighs 40 kilograms or more. And please note that depend on your outdoor umbrella’s size, the dimensions of the concrete patio umbrella stand can be changed.