Beautiful wrought iron bar stool

Beautiful wrought iron bar stool from Triquimex

GH-076 wrought iron bar stool is a kind of bar stool is made by Triquimex, a Vietnamese outdoor furniture manufacturer. The stool is totally created from iron bar that is manually curved by our craftsmen. All the iron bars are treated by powder coating method for antirust.

The wrought iron bar stool is structured by iron bars. These iron bars are arranged parallel and connected together into a grid shape. Therefore, this structure brings this kind of bar stool a strong, but soft and smooth look.

GH wrought iron bar stool is a featured iron bar stool with modern design. The stool is 74/94 cm in height. The seat is 36 cm wide. The stool is styled with an iron frame, so it makes the stool look strong and steady.

Besides using the wrought iron bar stool for space of bars, you can also put it at your balcony, or the counter of your kitchen. This kind of stool will be an ideal item for creation in your furnishing space. In addition, it is also an impressive choice for placing in coffee shop’s space. It will bring a wonderful sitting place for strong personality – guest in space of bar-style coffee shop, or bars.

With this beautiful wrought iron bar stool of our garden furniture factory, you can add cushion to eliminate the feeling of roughness when you sit on. Base on the overall look of your space, you can choose suitable color for cushion. It will be a perfect display space, if you put this bar stool together with beautiful bar tables.

Besides this beautiful wrought iron bar stool GH-076, there are many kinds of bar stool with various color and models in Triquimex’s outdoor furniture collection. Thus, please contact us to have more options. Choosing our products, you will not worry about quality because we get high concentration on selecting raw materials and production process.