GH-026 Barrel Chair by Vietnam Wrought Iron Furniture Manufacturer

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GH-026 Barrel Chair by Vietnam Wrought Iron Furniture Manufacturer

The wrought iron barrel chair, numbered GH-026, is made by Triquimex, a Vietnam wrought iron furniture manufacturer.

• Iron frame

• Powder coating

The barrel chair is a good option for beach resorts or the outdoor space of luxury hotels. It is one of best selling chairs of Triquimex in Vietnam. We also export it to some countries. Two factors that make the chair popular are its nice appearance and its high quality.

A feature of barrel chair is that the back and the armrests are seamless. In this wrought iron barrel chair, there are iron wires for well supporting your back and decorating. The lattice seat in U shape make comfortable seating.

The chair features four hairpin leg chairs. They bring the chair a modern look. The X-stretcher makes the chair strong. The foot caps under the legs make the chair more stable on the ground. The structure ensures you a decorative and functional chair.

As a Vietnam wrought iron furniture manufacturer with many years of experience, Triquimex can make bespoke outdoor chairs. If there is any changes you want to make on this wrought iron barrel chair, please tell us. The chair is 45/97 cm high and 48 cm wide. The seat is 45 cm wide. The size will give you comfort when you sitting on the chair.

You can place the chair inside or out. However, because the chair is made of iron, you may a little bit worry about rust issue. To remove your worry, we apply powder coating to the chair. Also, we can galvanize it for full protection if required. The treatment(s) will make the chair nicer and rust resistant. Its durability can stand the test of time.

If you are interested in this barrel chair and looking for a Vietnam wrought iron furniture manufacturer, please contact Triquimex.