Art Wrought Iron Garden Bench

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GH 092 Art  Wrought Iron Garden Bench

Art wrought iron garden bench GH-092 provided by companies specializing in furniture and garden accessories has simple design for elegance.

Besides the outdoor benches provided from Triquimex, a garden furniture manufacturer, we want to introduce you the Wrought Iron Garden Bench GH 092. This simple but not monotonous design will be a highlight for your space. Your garden will be the beautiful one that gets high attention from others.

The art wrought iron garden bench is designed follow all common types of garden bench. In addition, Triquimex can also produce products according to customer’s specification and requirements. This kind of wrought iron garden bench is totally made of iron bars. These iron bars are always treated by powder coating method to prevent rust. These iron bars is arranged to make chinks for ventilation of the bench. The back is designed in a moderate slope. It is curved follow a slight wavy shape to make the bench become soft.

In term of color, the wrought iron garden benches are often painted in bright and elegant color. All of these features make the art wrought iron garden bench useful and aesthetic products.Art-wrought-iron-garden bench (2)

The wrought iron garden bench can be placed in a corner of your garden to lounge on outside or sit on and have chats with friends. Moreover, this iron garden bench is also suitable for placing in public settings like parts. Sitting on this bench under the tree, reading your favorite book, or listening to music will be such a wonderful feeling for you. In addition, this iron garden bench can make a perfect combination with an Oval dining table from our garden furniture collections.

Choosing our Triquimex’s furniture products, customer will not be worry about quality. At our factory, we choose good raw materials. Moreover, all the details of our products are treated by powder coating technology. Thus, this iron garden bench requires low maintenance and has ability to prevent rust and bad effect from the outside.