Wrought Iron Folding Chairs: Attractive, Practical, and Space-Saving

Wrought iron folding chairs are common furniture items for many families. They are now more and more popular. You can see them as part of a garden bistro set placed in the garden. You also may see it in your friend’s dining room. When coming to some coffee shops or outdoor bistros, folding chairs are also familiar pieces of furniture. They are also the popular choice of many event planners.

They can come in various shapes and styles from traditional to contemporary. They can be made of wood, wrought iron, aluminum, plastic, etc. Their finish colors are endless. Therefore, when you want to have folding chairs, there will be a lot of options for you to choose from. Just think of your décor setting, your budget, and your taste to make the decision.

Components of a folding chair include legs, a seat, and a backrest. The typical feature of folding chairs is its ability to be folded flat when not in use. That is the reason why folding chairs are considered space-saving pieces of furniture.

As mentioned, folding chairs can be made of many types of materials. Different material will give the items a different look. It is hard to say which material is better than which one. All have their own beauty. However, if you are hesitating about the material to make your desired folding chairs, try thinking of wrought iron as possible option.

Here, the Vietnamese outdoor furniture supplier Triquimex is glad to share you some information about wrought iron folding chairs.

Wrought iron folding chairs are attractive.

Wrought iron is got the name because it can be wrought into different shapes and designs. Interesting wrought iron patterns like scrollwork, lattice, floral, etc., surely, can appear on wrought iron folding chairs. Of course, there are also wrought iron folding chairs simple in design.

In addition, if you want something strange but elegant for your outdoor seating area, wrought iron folding chairs with decorative mosaic details may be worth considering. In general, wrought iron folding chairs can make you living space as beautiful as any non-folding chairs.

Wrought iron folding chairs are practical.

Like folding chairs made of other materials, wrought iron folding chairs are very convenient. You can use them for extra seating when you have more guests than normal. You can also easily move them around from the porch to the garden to have flexible seating.

Nowadays, innovative technologies are applied to wrought iron folding chairs to protect them against weather conditions. Therefore, placing them indoors or outdoors depends on your taste and demands. Whether you are a home owner or a bistro owner, there are always wrought iron folding chairs that fit your demands.


This wrought iron folding chair can be placed outside or inside.

Wrought iron folding chairs save space.

Ability to be folded means that the chairs can be folded flat when not in use. It also means that the space to place the chairs for seating will be free when you store the chairs. That is really meaningful if your living space is not large.

Moreover, wrought iron folding chairs help you save storage space. When you put chairs folded flat to lean on the wall, or put it in small empty space like between the wall and the dining table or under a table not used for a long time in your warehouse.

wrought iron folding chairs

Folding chair for saving space from Triquimex


Owning a folding chair can bring you a lot of benefits. Nice folding chairs will embellish your seating area. In addition, they are convenient for seating arrangement and storage as well. You can use it for many purposes and place it indoors or outdoors.

So, if you are interested in wrought iron folding chairs or other outdoor furniture products, please contact the outdoor furniture manufacturer Triquimex. With more than 10 years experience in supplying furniture, we believe that we can make our customers totally satisfied once co-operating with us.

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