What Makes a Good Outdoor Umbrella?

What Makes a Good Outdoor Umbrella?

Outdoor umbrella is a useful furniture item for placing in your garden, patio, or yard. It is great for your house to have outdoor space like a garden, a patio, deck, terrace, etc.

Place an outdoor table set in it, and you have a seating place to gather and entertaining. However, if the outdoor space does not have enough shade or you worry about sudden rains when you are in the middle of fun chats, it will be ideal to have an outdoor umbrella to protect you from rains and sunshine.

Outdoor umbrellas come from various types and sizes. Its variety may confuse you. However, you should spend time looking for a good outdoor umbrella which can give you convenience, stability, and cost effectiveness in the long run. Following are some features of a good outdoor umbrella that the outdoor furniture supplier Triquimex wants to share you.

The outdoor umbrella must give you enough shade.

When you sit around a patio table set in a sunny day, it will be not comfortable when the umbrella’s shade just covers partly and some of you are under the sun. A good outdoor umbrella will give you enough shade and well protect you from rains and sunshine. It is high and wide enough to give you a comfortable space.

The outdoor umbrella must be made from quality materials.

An umbrella pole can be made from solid wood, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, etc. Depending on your preference and the place where the umbrella is used, you can decide which material is the best for your umbrella pole. However, the material must be of high quality. A strong and durable can keep the umbrella up and hard to be broken in strong winds.

The umbrella cover should be made of weather resistant and UV resistant so that it can well protect you from rains and sunshine. The fabric is also colorfast to keep its beauty when the umbrella is continuously used outside for long time.

It is more ideal if the outdoor umbrella can tilt.

If you love sitting outdoors for long time, an outdoor umbrella which have ability to tilt will protect you from the sun any time of the day.

The outdoor umbrella base must be in position.

Whether your outdoor umbrella is free standing or through table, it still needs to be supported with an umbrella base. An adequate umbrella base will secure the umbrella in position and keep it upright. The umbrella bases for free standing umbrellas will be heavier than those for through table ones. Umbrella bases can be made from iron, aluminum, concrete, etc. Among them, umbrella bases with mosaic surface and concrete core can be considered ideal for garden space because they are heavy duty, stable, and attractive.

outdoor umbrella base

Beautiful outdoor umbrella base from Triquimex

In conclusion, it is necessary for you to put an outdoor umbrella in your outdoor space. Thank to that, you can have a shading area for resting inside your place.

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