Tolix chairs-Versatile chairs for home decorating

If you are concerned in decorating home and read several articles about trendy pieces of furniture, you must be heard about Tolix chairs. Now, this post will introduce you information about Tolix chairs.

At first, Tolix chairs were mainly used by restaurant and bistro owners. They were also originally intended for outdoor use. In fact, they were made with holes on the seat to allow water to drain after the rain. As years go by, these chairs became popular even for home and indoor use.


Tolix low stool from Triquimex

Tolix chairs have many benefits which make them a favorite among homeowners and interior decorators. These A-shaped Tolix chairs are stackable which makes them great if you want to use the floor space for other purposes. They are also very low maintenance which makes them perfect for commercial use, especially in restaurants where spills and stains cannot be avoided.

Tolix chairs are usually made of metal, especially iron. At factories of furniture manufacturers like the Vietnamese outdoor furniture manufacturer Triquimex, Tolix chairs are treated by advanced technology for anti-rust and best performance. They are versatile and can be used in almost any situations.

In restaurants, bars, and bistros

Tolix chairs are perfect items for use in restaurants, bars, and bistros due to their convenient style. Because they are stackable, you can stack them easily when not in use. Tolix chairs can be placed outdoors so that you can enjoy eating outside with these chairs. They come in various colors, so you can choose ones in bright colors for funky look or chairs in a single color for a uniform look. It is easy to clean and maintain Tolix chair.

Tolix chairs are also ideal for business meetings and conference. The metal material bring them formal and businesslike look that makes them perfect in corporate settings. For example, it is ideal to add a couple of chairs in the reception area where guest can sit while waiting.

For home

When it comes to home decoration, Tolix chairs also a great choice for home use. You can use different colors to make your dining room more fun, casual, and unique. You can use black chairs for a more modern and formal look if you want.

Another form of Tolix chair – Tolix bar stool

Tolix bar stools are regularly used in bars and drinking counters in restaurants. They are also useful in home bars in residential settings. One can also see them in upscale kitchens that feature a high table used by friends and members of the family usually engaging in table talk and eating finger foods.

Tolix chairs

Tolix bar stool from Triquimex

Tolix bar stools have basic design elements found in typical bar stools. The most distinguishing feature is the tall profile. This allows a person to slide into a sitting position easily as opposed to going down to sit. The taller ones may compel people to climb up a bit to sit. A Tolix bar stool design is very simple and functional, consisting of four thin legs that converge flat on top as the sitting area.

Designs among Tolix bar stools can be varied. There are all-metal stools that have monoblock designs and may come in just one color or painted with different colors.

In conclusion, Tolix chair seems to be a functional and versatile chair that you can use in any spaces. For more helpful information about Tolix chairs or other pieces of furniture such as mosaic tables, outdoor dining chairs, etc, let’s browse through the website of Triquimex.

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