Tips for buying durable outdoor furniture

Furniture is an integral part of a home, and homeowners often look for pieces that can last for years. Today, in this post the Vietnamese outdoor furniture manufacturer Triquimex will share you tips for buying durable outdoor furniture.

Manufacturers of outdoor furniture like Triquimex typically produce pieces that stand out all the elements. Understanding the different durability features helps consumers know what to look for in outdoor furniture.

Buy weather-resistant outdoor furniture


It is essential to buy outdoor furniture that is weatherproof. Outdoor furniture is made from wood, metal, or plastic. Wood can weaken and rot from moisture. Nowadays, manufacturer often use wrought iron to make outdoor furniture, with powder coating technology, these furniture can resist with weather.

 Look for Well-Constructed Outdoor Furniture

Consumers should pay attention to how outdoor furniture is constructed if they want to buy durable pieces. Screws should be stainless steel or brass that can withstand rust. Durably constructed outdoor furniture may also feature wooden dowels and pegs to hold pieces together. Furniture held together by glue or staples tends to come apart over time.

Use Weatherproof Cushions and Pillows

Cushions and pillows are susceptible to mildew from moisture and discolouration from exposure to sunlight. Synthetic fabrics, such as acrylic resist mildew, and ventilated fabrics help cushions and pillows dry more quickly to avoid water damage. Consumers can also look for cushions and fabrics that are treated to block UV rays.

Tips on Maintaining Outdoor Furniture

Maintenance is a significant aspect that contributes to durability in outdoor furniture. Even though outdoor furniture is weather-resistant, it still requires maintenance.

Some maintaining tips

 Apply Oils, Sealers, and Stains to Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Stains, sealers, and oils all help wooden outdoor furniture maintain its appearance. They make wood less porous so that rain drops bead up and roll off, preventing wood from rotting so that furniture lasts longer. Many pieces of wooden outdoor furniture come pre-treated, but consumers should still oil these pieces seasonally to maintain their appearance.

Clean and Treat Metal Outdoor Furniture

Metal outdoor furniture is relatively low maintenance. Cleaning requires simply wiping it down with a damp cloth. Consumers should avoid pressure washing since this can damage the furniture. Aluminum is rust-proof, but iron requires application of an anti-rust solution.

Be Gentle with Rattan

Rattan is sensitive compared with other outdoor furniture materials. One can wipe rattan with a damp cloth to clean it, and avoid chemical cleaners and pressure washing as these can damage rattan. Using rubber stoppers beneath the legs of a rattan outdoor seat can also keep the rattan from cracking and splitting.

Protect Cushions and Pillows from Mildew and UV Rays

If cushions and pillows do not come with fabric that blocks mildew and UV rays, the consumer can apply spray finishes to the fabric to protect it from these elements. Washing cushion and pillow fabric periodically keeps it clean and fresh-smelling. Most fabrics are safe for the washing machine. If cushions and pillows become stained, faded, or odorous, one should look into replacing just the fabric if possible. This should save money over buying completely new cushions and pillows.

Cover or Store Furniture

Consumers should consider placing cover over their outdoor furniture at this time of the year. The covers keep furniture dry, maintaining it until it is ready for use in sunnier weather.

In conclusion, to save your budget on outdoor furniture, it is essential for you to choose pieces of furniture that can be last for years. Find more about outdoor furniture and decorating with outdoor furniture at Triquimex.

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