Tempered glass table top manufacturer

Tempered glass in the furniture industry, or toughened glass, is a versatile material. It can be used to make car windows, ATM booths, windows and doors, and tables. Tempered glass (tempered glass table top) is made through a special manufacturing process in which glass will be cured at extremely high temperature and then quickly cooled to give it pressure resistance, breakage resistance, and load-bearing ability.

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Tempered glass’ properties

Tempered glass is safer than normal glass. Because of this property, tempered glass is considered safety glass. Tempered is hard to break, however, if unfortunately, it breaks, tempered glass will break into even pieces without sharp edges instead of sharp fragments which can injure you. It is also easy and safe for you to clean up the mess resulting from broken tempered glass. In general, using tempered glass will reduce the risk of injury.

Tempered glass is strong and heat resistant. As mentioned, tempered glass is hard to break. The manufacturing process gives the glass ability to be more breakage and heat resistant. That the reason why windows and entrance doors of buildings made of tempered glass.

Tempered glass in the furniture industry

In the furniture industry, tempered glass usually used to create attractive table tops. The table base can be made of wood, aluminum, wicker, rattan, or wrought iron.

For indoor furniture, tempered glass can go well with all of mentioned kinds of material to make nice coffee tables, dining tables, or side tables. The transparency of the glass will make the interior space more spacious and stylish.

For outdoor use, wicker, rattan, and wrought iron may be better options for the table base. Glass outdoor bistro tables will be beautiful additions for your patio, garden, balcony, terrace, etc. The property of heat resistance of tempered glass and weather resistance of powder coated wrought iron will give you durable outdoor table with many years of use.

Tempered Glass in the Furniture Industry

Wrought Iron and Oval tempered glass table top 

You can have tempered glass table tops with or without frame. Unlike frameless glass table tops, framed table tops require exact measurements. Therefore, if you are seeking a tempered glass top for your table top frame, be sure to measure the dimensions exactly so that the glass top can fit the frame and ensure you a table with nice appearance.

You know, once the glass is toughened, it is impossible to change its shape and dimensions, so exact measurements will not only give you beautiful table tops but also save you time and money.

For frameless tempered glass table tops with the shapes of rectangle or square, choose table tops with sanded corner edges for more safety.


Tempered glass has a wide variety of applications in life. People can use it in industries such as automobile, construction, or furniture. Tempered glass in the furniture industry is used to make table tops for indoor and outdoor tables, bringing a stylish and comfortable living space for people.

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