Reasons to Choose Wrought Iron Sled Chairs for Outdoor Space

Reasons to Choose Wrought Iron Sled Chairs for Outdoor Space

What is a sled chair?

A sled chair, or more exactly a sled base chair, features a base frame with curves like those of a sled. Sled bases often come in two typical styles: one is with four- leg structure and the other is with cantilevered design. However, whatever the styles, the sled base is still flat across the floor.

Sled chairs are usually made from tubular steel. Their back and seat can be upholstered or made of wood, leather, plastic, etc. Sled chairs are various in types, size, and styles. Sled chairs with its industrial design are very popular in offices, conference rooms, internet cafes, dining rooms, etc.

Inspired from lovely and practical steel sled base, people have designed many sled chairs with the base made from other metal materials like aluminum or wrought iron. With innovative protection treatments, nowadays, metal sled chairs have become ideal pieces of furniture for outdoor use. In this post, I show you why you should furnish your open space with wrought iron sled chairs.

The first reason: Wrought iron sled chairs are stable.

The sled base flat across the floor will ensure you a stable seating. Although sled chairs look quite slender, the sled base is designed to give you good balance. Well designed sled chairs will never be unsteady. Its stability, together with comfortable seat and back, will give you best comfort when you reclining on it.

wrought iron sled chairs

Wrought iron sled chair with elegant look from Triquimex

The second: Wrought iron sled chairs are durable.

Iron is a kind of metal, so it can be rusty when exposed to moisture. However, with innovative technologies, people apply some treatments such as galvanizing and powder coating to wrought iron sled chairs to maintain their beauty and keep it away from rust. Therefore, when you place wrought iron sled chairs outside, you will not have to worry about their durability.

The third: Wrought iron sled chairs will enhance your outdoor setting.

wrought iron sled chairs

Beautiful wrought iron sled chairs from Triquimex

Wrought iron is malleable and strong, so wrought iron sled chairs are various in styles. Thin iron rods will give you slender and elegant pieces of furniture. You can easily find those that fit your taste and preference. In terms of colors, the manufacturers usually offer you a wide range of colors to choose from. In addition, you can add cushions to the seat to make it more attractive and comfortable. Whether you put wrought iron sled chairs in the garden or on the balcony, their delicate designs and bright colors will blend well with your outdoor setting.

The fourth: Wrought iron sled chairs save space.

Wrought iron sled chairs are stackable. Therefore, you can stack them for easy storage when not in use. The design of the sled base also allows you more leg room, ensuring you comfortable sitting position. In addition, you can push the chairs under the table to have a neat seating area.


In brief, if you want to create an attractive outdoor space for your house, think of wrought iron sled chairs as possible options. These chairs can go well with wrought iron bistro table or dining tables to from a perfect outdoor table set. Or you can place only two or three wrought iron sled chairs without a table accompanied on the balcony or on the porch to enjoy the nature. Stable, durable, and space-saving chairs will add character to your outdoor setting.

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