Reason to choose wrought iron tub chairs

Why You Should Choose Wrought Iron Tub Chairs?

Tub chairs, or barrel chairs, are nice pieces of furniture that will give you striking seating area. Their typical look with the back and the armrests fused together is really attractive. When sitting on it, you can feel very comfortable because the chair well support both your back and arms. You even sometimes may feel as if you were a king sitting on his throne!

The piece of furniture got the name because it looks like a bath tub that is sliced in half. Usually, tub chairs are upholstered with leather or fabric and placed in living rooms or entertaining rooms. However, nowadays, inspired from upholstered tub chairs, people designed and made tube chairs with various styles and, of course, the materials to make them are also diverse with wicker, wrought iron, aluminum, plastic, etc. There are also swivel tub chairs to give more convenience to users. These so-called tub chairs, of course, cannot be the same traditional tub chairs. Depending on the design ideas of different designers, they will have different looks and styles. However, when looking them, you may recognize something belonging to tub chairs.

In this post, I will focus on the tub chairs made of wrought iron, a material that is strong and malleable. Wrought iron tub chairs with its aesthetic look and durability can suit any home or commercial setting.

Wrought iron tub chairs are aesthetic.

Made of a malleable material, wrought iron tub chair can come in various styles and patterns. The seamless line connecting the back and the armrests can be various with curved lines, waving lines, etc. The back and armrests can be embellished with many types of patterns from simple to intricate such as slats, wires, mesh, scroll, etc. The backrest and armrests are seamless, so when looking it, you will feel it seem wider. Wrought iron tub chairs with their aesthetic looks will enhance any space from dining rooms or gardens to coffee shops or restaurants.

wrought iron tub chairs

Wrought iron tub chair from Triquimex

Wrought iron tub chairs are comfortable.

Whatever the patterns are, the chairs still ensure a comfortable space to well support your back and arms. The iron seat is usually with slat or lattice patterns, ensuring you comfy seating. When reclining on a wrought iron tub chair, you will be very relaxing. In addition, you can add a soft cushion to the seat for more comfort.

wrought iron tub chairs

Beautiful wrought iron tube chairs of Triquimex

Wrought iron tub chairs can be left outdoors.

When thinking of iron, people usually worry the material is easy to get rusty. However, with the support of modern technologies, now we can have wrought iron tub chairs that can be used indoors and outdoors for a long time. You know, outdoor wrought iron tub chairs are always treated with protection treatments like galvanizing and powder coating to withstand the elements. They require low maintenance.


Wrought iron tub chairs are nice and very practical items of furniture. You can combine them with a bistro table to have a table set for sitting around every morning and enjoy a cup of coffee. You can also put it outside with an outdoor dining table to have great alfresco dinners. Or you can simply put two or more pieces on the balcony and admire the beauty of the moon and stars at night. With some resorts, coffee shops, and restaurants, wrought iron tube chairs may be also good options.

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