Mosaic art in manufacturing outdoor café furniture

Mosaic art have been popular for centuries. Nowadays, they are applied in making many kinds of furniture and the other art work, especially applying mosaic art in manufacturing outdoor café furniture

At the factory of the outdoor furniture manufacturer and exporter Triquimex, there are many kinds of furniture products that made of terracotta tiles and mosaic. In this post, Triquimex wants to share you some information about terracotta tiles and mosaic art in manufacturing outdoor café furniture.

Terracotta means baked earth in Italian. From natural clay, people will mix it with water. Then the clay is molded. When the clay is half-dry, the moulds are removed and the clay is put under the sun to get dry. Finally, the molded clay is fired with very high temperature (around 1,000oC) in a kiln.

After a specific period of time, you will have beautiful terracotta tiles. The colors of terracotta tiles belong to earth tone, various from orange, red, "terracotta" to brown. The typical color is the reddish brown.

Terracotta is used widely in construction, roofing, or flooring. You may ever see houses with terracotta walls and roofs. You are also familiar with floors or garden paths tiled with terracotta tiles. Terracotta tiles are popular in the country or large area with lots of trees.

When looking at terracotta tiles, you may find something simple, rustic, and natural. The warmth and beauty of terracotta tiles blend well with the greenery of surrounding landscape.

Another application of terracotta tiles is to be used in mosaic art. As you know, in mosaic art, people can freely arrange small pieces of materials to create stunning patterns or pictures. The materials can come from glass, pebbles, stones, or tiles. Among the materials, terracotta tiles are very popular. Mosaic art is applied in manufacturing outdoor café furniture.

 Also, terracotta tile mosaic works of art can be used as decorative items or function as table tops. In this post, we will find out why people love terracotta mosaic items. Let’s take mosaic table tops as examples.

Terracotta tiles have rustic look.

The color of terracotta tiles can be considered as the color of the earth. Therefore, when looking at terracotta mosaic patterns, you can feel their softness and charm. They will add warmth to the atmosphere and style to the interior décor. Moreover, terracotta tiles have natural look and will blend well with the nature. That is the reason why many people love an outdoor bistro table whose table top is tiled with terracotta tiles.

café furniture

Mosaic round cafe table is common café for outdoor cafes (imagine collected)

Terracotta tiles are durable.

mosaic art in manufacturing outdoor café furniture

Luxury look for outdoor café furniture (imagine collected)

Terracotta tiles are strong and durable. As a result, the table tops tiled with them are also durable. In addition, with technology support, the tops are treated with waterproofing, sealing, etc. to ensure their long lasting beauty and durability. Whether you place them indoors or outdoors, these terracotta mosaic tables will give you many years of use.


To sum up, terracotta tiles are strong, durable, and beautiful. In mosaic art, they can be used to create unique and attractive patterns. Wall decorative items or table tops tiled with terracotta tiles will be great for your décor setting whether indoors or outdoors. Especially, terracotta mosaic patio bistro table will give you very elegant outdoor seating areas. If you are on the way to look for a patio table, give a try to the one whose top is made of terracotta tiles.

So, if you are concerned in terra-cotta tiles, mosaic art and furniture products made of this kind of material, please contact to Triquimex. Besides providing furniture made of terra-cotta tiles and mosaic, we also supply many kinds of outdoor furniture, and other garden decorative accessories. Let’s take a move to browse through our websites to know which furniture is missing in your house.

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