Mixing of wood and iron in making furniture

For a long time, wood has been the favorite furniture material for many people. However, in current time, people tend to love something modern but not too industrial. Thus, mixing of wood and iron in making furniture is created to serve this demand.

Like the other furniture manufacturers, the outdoor furniture manufacturer Triquimex provides many kinds of products made of wood and iron. So, let browse through our website to find out your favorite one.

Mixing of wood and iron is a prominent creation.

This combination is such a mixing between the classic and the modernity. The two features harmonize together to make a new whole. Looking at the furniture made of wood and iron, you will feel the elegant and classical of these products.

mixing of wood and iron

The combination between wood and iron is a featured creation.

Furniture made of wood and iron brings to the space a trendy style.

In a space decorated by wood and iron furniture, you will have a feeling like recalling of memory. Moreover, the modernity of iron will not bring you boredom. Therefore, furniture with the mixing of wood and iron are really trendy items.

Wood and iron furniture has rustic but elegant look.

Let’s take wooden tables and chairs with wrought iron frame as examples.

Wooden table tops and chair seats and backs give the items rustic look. The wooden details can be slats arranged intentionally or an entire piece of wood with particular shape like round, square, etc. The natural hues and grain patterns of wood will add warmth and make you feel close to nature.

mixing of wood and iron

Triquimex’s wrought iron bistro armchair is a combination of wrought iron and acacia wood

The wrought iron frame will contribute to the whole style of the furniture. With classical style, the frame is delicate and has intricate details with scrollwork, floral patterns, or slightly curving lines. With industrial style, the frame is simpler with lines and neat appearance.

As a result, furniture having all the strong point of wood and iron will give customer a space of rusticity and modernity. The combination of wrought iron and wood in a furniture product will impress people. Wood with its friendly and rustic look goes well with strong but aesthetic wrought iron. Together, they are used to make pieces of furniture that bring warmth and character to your living space.

Wrought iron and wood furniture can be used indoors or outdoors.

Nowadays, with modern technologies, almost of furniture products have high durability. For example, in the factory of the outdoor furniture manufacturer Triquimex, all the iron details of furniture products are powder coated. We also cover a waterproofing coat for all the wooden surfaces. All these features ensure the durability of furniture products. Therefore, customer can be free to place this kind of furniture indoors or outdoors base on your dècor.

mixing of wood and iron

Furniture made of iron and wood can be placed both indoors and outdoors.


In conclusion, iron and wood makes a great couple in making stunning pieces of furniture. The two materials will add class and give you elegant living space. Think of wrought iron and wood furniture as options if you want to furnish your home or give it a makeover.

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