Great furniture pieces that can work indoors and out

If you live in area that has a climate with harsh winter season, you have to wait until summer comes to enjoy all the moment outsides under the sun. To serve your outdoor activities, you will need to invest in furniture, but investing seasonal furniture will cost too much on your money. So, what should you do now? Yes, the answer is thinking of great furniture pieces that can work indoors and out too. Track on this post to know how you can manage this situation.

Here are some great options for you to solve this problem:

Powder coated furniture

great furniture pieces

powder coated furniture can be used outsides and in

Powder-coated metal seats are an excellent way to add high-saturation color indoors during the gray winter. In fact, you might not ever want to put them back outside. But whenever you do need a few more seats for a barbecue, they’ll be ready and waiting.

Sled chair

great furniture pieces

Sled chairs or use outdoor and indoor (imagine collected)

Open metal mesh seats like the sled chair are a smart addition to tighter spaces, or where the look is already busy enough. The chair adds a hint of modernity and can blend with a richly patterned rug, intricate wallpaper or a busy backyard landscape without stealing focus.

Garden chairs

For a more dramatic statement, a lace-like metal garden chair works well indoors with a clean modern console to create a writing nook in your bedroom or living space. Move it back outdoors when spring is in bloom and it’ll be right at home among the winding foliage.

great furniture pieces

garden chair from Triquimex

An airy garden seat also works beautifully in a rustic-inspired bedroom tucked near a wide nightstand as a place to toss your reading materials just before you nod off.


imagine collected

Garden stool – Chinese style

great furniture pieces

stunning garden seats-Chinese style from Triquimex

A garden stool or two (or four!) can be clustered to make a smart alternative to a coffee table, moving where needed to serve a few guests or a whole party. Once it’s time to migrate to the patio, you can easily put one or two stools on outdoor duty without leaving your living room sofa totally deserted.

great furniture pieces

Placing Chinese-style garden stool in suitable place to add additions for home (imagine collected)

A ceramic stool also adds color and interest to a bathroom, giving you a place to rest a book, robe, towel or drink — and would be handy in virtually any other room of the house too.

great furniture pieces

use Chinese-style garden stool as coffee furniture (imagine collected)

Nesting tables or plant stands

The space-saving stackability of nesting tables makes them a handy tool for year-round entertaining. They can be spread out when you need to lay out a few snacks and tucked away at other times.


Choose some in a simple, hardy material — like acrylic or metal — and the tucked-away tables can get their own moment in the sun when they turn into cocktail stands or side tables.


imagine collected

In conclusion, the above are some suggestions for you to choose pieces of furniture that you can place both insides and out all year round. You may want to know more about decorating space with furniture at Triquimex.

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