Essential furniture for small spaces

In limited spaces, it is essential to choose right furniture to make your home’s space more airy and comfortable. Here are pieces of essential furniture for small spaces that you can add to your home.

  1. Pedestal table ( often used as coffee table)
essential furniture for small spaces

Coffee table for small spaces from Triquimex

This kind of table often made in form of a round table with a slender pedestal base tucks into small spaces with ease. The round edge makes no bumping into sharp corners, and nearly leg-free base makes it easier to squeeze one more seat around the table.

essential furniture for small spaces

Pedestal table will be great option for small space (imagine collected)

  1. Use stack stools
essential furniture for small spaces

stack stools help save space (imagine collected)

If you do not have room for large armchairs and giant sofa but still want an ample seating, stack stools in a corner is a great solution. When having some extra guests, you can unstuck the stools for serving them.

Short stacking stools are even more versatile than tall stools since they can be used as side tables as well as extra seats.

  1. Big mirror
essential furniture for small spaces

Big mirror help enlarge your spaces in looking (imagine collected)

If you’re going to buy only a few items to make the most of your small space, a great, big mirror should definitely top the list. Hanging a large mirror instantly makes a small room feel bigger and brighter. Position it across from a window for maximum light-boosting power.

  1. Small-scale-armchairs
essential furniture for small spaces

individual armchairs from Triquimex

Bulky armchairs may be cozy, but they also take up a ton of floor space. In a compact living room, you can pack more seating into the available space by choosing armless chairs, or armchairs with an upright profile like the barrel chairs shown here. And if you move into a larger space in the future, a pair of small-scale armchairs can round out a larger seating arrangement, or flank a console table in a spacious entry hall.

essential furniture for small spaces

imagine collected

  1. Bench

A backless bench is a smart choice in a small dining area since it can be tucked under the table, as it is here, when not in use. A low bench also works well as a coffee table, and it can be called into service as extra seating when guests outnumber the chairs.

  1. Mini parsons desk
essential furniture for small spaces

imagine collected

It can be a desk, but it also works as an oversize bedside table, bar, buffet or kitchen table. In fact, there’s not much this versatile table can’t do. The sleek shape makes it an especially good choice for studio apartments, where you need your table to pull double (or triple) duty.

In conclusion, just a little attention in choosing suitable pieces of furniture, your small spaces can look different and more gorgeous. Find more about furniture and decorating at Triquimex.

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