Choose suitable shape for dining table

Genuine parties or warm family meals cannot miss a set of dining table where all member of your family sit around together. For that reason, it is important for you to choose a beautiful table that fit into your space. Today, in this post, we will share you experience to choose suitable shape for dining table.

Dining table usually comes in shapes including rectangular, oval, round, and square.

  1. Rectangular

A rectangular table is the most traditional option, and work well in a modern setting. If your space lends itself to a rectangular table, don’t be afraid to choose one that’s on the narrow side. The disadvantage in having a rectangular table that’s on the wide side is that it will feel overly formal and impersonal, rather than warm and welcoming, as you want it to be.

suitable shape for dining table

A long table not only can seat a crowd, but also is pleasing to the eye, because it echoes the shape and dimensions of the kitchen island behind it and the long bank of glass doors in front.

If you need to be able to feed a lot of people regularly, you can make your setup feel less like a boardroom by choosing more casual chairs. Or opt for an extendable table that can be shrunk to cozier proportions for everyday use.

Placing a rectangular table alongside banquette seating is a space-saving technique that can make a dining space feel as inviting as your favorite cafe.

  1. Oval

Oval tables can bring a sense of occasion to any meal, whether you’re dining just with the family or want to impress your guests.

suitable shape for dining table

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Pedestal table legs solve the leg-banging issue and are ideally suited to oval tables. Pedestal legs can make an ordinary oval table decorative and traditional or or sculptural and contemporary. Because there are no sharp corners with which to contend, an oval table also allows you to accommodate last-minute guests with ease. Just add another chair to the mix.

In small spaces the curved edges of an oval table can help the energy flow more gently than the harsh lines of a rectangle, and people are likely to use the area more freely than if they had to gingerly avoid sharp corners.

Simple stools can be a good choice for small spaces; they can be tucked away under tables of any shape when not in use.

  1. Round

A round table is the best choice for those who want to encourage closeness and conversation among family and friends. Everyone can see and hear one another in this setup, and shared dishes are easy to reach.

suitable shape for dining table

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Remember that tables made of wood or another visually solid material will occupy a large amount of visual space. Instead of shrinking your table, consider a glass tabletop that makes the base the star. It can make a room feel open and airy without compromising on style or table size.

  1. Square

A square table is a contemporary choice that can make conversation easier, but it does have a few drawbacks. Although a square table allows everyone seated there to see on another, it tends to take up a vast amount of space. If your room is big enough, a square table can be a dramatic addition that can also accommodate plenty of people.

suitable shape for dining table

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Curved, comfortable chairs will soften those hard edges. Also consider adding a round centerpiece to balance the angles of a square table. A round bowl piled high with fruit, a voluptuous vase filled with flowers and leaves, or even a shapely sculpture will do the job nicely.

In conclusion, it’s no matter which dining table shape you will choose, with just some idea for decoration, you will have an incredible and inviting space. Find more about decoration and furniture at Triquimex.

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