Beautiful wrought iron chairs for restaurants

Beautiful wrought iron chairs and tables are essential furniture items for space of restaurants. Triquimex, an home and garden furniture manufacturer in Vietnam, provides many furniture products. All these products are various and diverse from style to color.

beautiful wrought iron table and chair

Eating is also a kind of art. Therefore, anyone who is making business in this field has to pay attention on the look of exhibition space. Besides knowledge about decorating, customer also need to take care on kinds of chairs and tables displayed in space of the restaurant. In this post, Triquimex would like to introduce you some kinds of beautiful chairs in our furniture collection. We hope this note will bring many ideas for those who are going to take chance in restaurant business.

Here are some kinds of beautiful chairs for you to choose:

Wrought iron chair with round seat and artistic iron curves

wrought iron chair with iron seat and artistic patterns

Made of wrought iron bars treated by powder coating method, this kind of chair deserves to be considered as a beautiful chair for restaurant. The wrought iron chair with round seat and artistic iron curves has delicate and soft patterns. With this wrought iron chair, you can be free to create your own restaurant’s space. You can also combine this chair with glass tables in Triquimex’s outdoor furniture collection. This combination will make your restaurant become more attractive. Placing this kind of chair in your space will attract your customers and make them want to enjoy food at your restaurant. You will be totally satisfied with this beautiful wrought iron chair when putting it in your space.

Durable and beautiful restaurant dinning chair

durable and beautiful dining chair

With simple but luxury design, this kind of durable and beautiful restaurant dinning chair will be an impressive highlight for the space of your restaurant. This kind of restaurant dining chair is made of wrought iron bars. All the iron bars is chosen with good quality and is wrought manually. At Triquimex’s outdoor furniture factory, all the metal details are powder coated. Thus, our customers do not need to worry about the product’s durability. Having the value of wrought iron made manually, this dinning chair is one in many kinds of beautiful chair for restaurant’s space.

Wrought iron chair with iron seat and aesthetic patterns

wrought iron chair with iron seat and aesthetic patterns

The wrought iron chair with iron seat and aesthetic patterns is an ideal option to make the space of restaurant become more attractive. Especially, the elegance with classical style of this chair will impress visitors when they come to enjoy their meal at your restaurant.

Artistic iron dining chair with delicate patterns

artistic iron dining chair with elegant patterns

Though the artistic iron dining chair is made of rough material, it has beautiful design with elegant aesthetic motifs. This kind of dining chair is not only used for interior decoration, but also is used as outdoor furniture for garden restaurant. With featured style, this dining chair will make it own mark in customer’s mind for both insides and outsides of restaurants. Visitors will be very pleased with this beautiful dining chair designed according to modern European style.

Simple and elegant iron chair paneled wood

iron chair paneled wood

This simple and elegant iron chair paneled wood is suitable for restaurant’s space, especially luxury and original-style restaurants. Not too sophisticated, not too delicate, but this kind of iron chair paneled wood has its own attraction. This chair is fitting in space of simple-style restaurant. Visitors will have warm and familiar moments with their family and friends when they are in your restaurant.

Mosaic dining chair

mosaic dining chair

Unlike the ordinary iron products, this mosaic dining chair is often manufactured with elegant style to make perfect furniture items for space of restaurants. Elegant patterns and beautiful mosaic tile at the back of the chair make it looks impressive. That’s why this chair becomes a popular choice for placing in space of restaurants.

Wrought iron chair with armrests

wrought iron chair with armrests

There is one kind of beautiful iron dining chair for restaurant that Triquimex’s outdoor furniture factory want to introduce to customer is the wrought iron chair with armrests. This chair is simple in design, but it looks nice and steady. Before been launch on the furniture market, this chair is powder coated for antirust. Therefore it requires low maintenance. Your restaurant will become more luxury if you put this chair with a beautiful mosaic table in our furniture collection.

Mosaic dining chair with exquisite motifs

Wrought iron dining chair with exquisite motifs

The final kind of chair that Triquimex wants to show you is the mosaic dining chair with exquisite motifs. This chair is made of iron frame decorated by mosaic tiles at its back and seat. This kind of chair is the most common choice for restaurant’s business, and garden coffee shop’s project. It is designed according to European style and manufactured by skillful craftsmen from Triquimex’s factory.