Beautiful Exterior with Wrought Iron and Mosaic Furniture

Wrought iron and mosaic furniture is indispensible furniture item in decorating house. Interioir and exterior decoration creates the look for a house. While the interior of a house ensures the homeowner a comfortable living space, the exterior can bring them relaxing outdoor space. Besides wood, wicker, rattan, plastic, etc., wrought iron and mosaic are very interesing materials to make outdoor furniture.

Nowadays, wrought iron and mosaic furniture are used widely. There are many manufacturers specializing in this field. The Vietnamese outdoor furniture manufacturer and direct exporter Triquimex is among these ones.

Wrought iron and mosaic are flexible in designs.

Let’s start with wrought iron. Well, wrought iron... Its name reflects partly its flexibility. Iron is malleable, so it can be wrought into many patterns and shapes. A wrougth iron chair or a table base can come in various styles from simple to intricate, classic to comtemporary. Of course, the metalworkers must ensure both aesthetic appeal and functionality of the item.

Wrought Iron and Mosaic Furniture

Wrought iron and mosaic furniture at Triquimex

Now it’s the turn of mosaic. Because a work of mosaic art is created by arranging small pieces of materials like ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles, natural stones, etc., it can be said that the number of mosaic patterns are endless. You can make a mosaic table top with only pieces of ceramic tiles or combine with details made from marble stones. The patterns can be geometric shapes or the images of anything that you can imagine. All mosaic patterns must be done with hand, so every mosaic work is unique. Although having the same type of patterns, two mosaic table tops will never completely look alike.

Wrought iron and mosaic furniture is perfect for outdoor use.

You know, if you are looking for something beautiful and unique to embellish your garden, patio, or balcony, tables and chairs made of wrought iron and/or mosiac will not a bad option.

Wrought Iron and Mosaic Furniture

Wrought iron and mosaic furniture for garden

As mentioned, wrought iron and mosaic furniture has highly aesthetic appeal.

A variety of wrought iron patterns will meet your demands. Whether you love something simple with clean lines or intricate scrollwork or mesh, there is always wrought iron outdoor chairs with your desired patterns on the market.

Meanwhile, mosaic table tops or chair seats also have their attractiveness. The tiles used to make mosaic patterns are natural materials, so their products often have a rustic look, which is very suitable for outdoor living space.

Try placing a wrought iron and mosaic bistro chair in your garden and you will see how stunning the outdoor nook is.

Next, the furniture made of wrought iron and mosaic are durable.

Nowadays, galvanizing and powder coating are widely applied to many industries to keep metal details from corrosion. And the furniture industry is no exception. Wrought iron chairs or table base now is protected by such innovative technologies, so it is not a big problem if you put a wrought iron piece of furniture outside for a long time. Of course, sometimes you need to carry out regular maintenance to timely discover and remove possiple rust.

How about mosiac table tops? They will be carefully treated with waterproofing and anti-cracking treatment to withstand the elements when left outside and keep its beauty for years to come. Cleaning mosaic table tops is quite simple. Just wipe them with a damp cloth to remove dust or stain.


Wrought iron and mosaic furniture is nice and durable. An outdoor table set regardless of for dining or for entertaining will not disappoint you. It will make the exterior of your  house an inviting outdoor space. So, if you are caring about wrought iron and mosaic furniture, please browse though the outdoor furniture supplier Triquimexs websites to know what you need.

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