Artistic Iron Tables and Chairs in Baskin-Robbins

The project of providing artistic iron tables and chairs for the chain of the ice-cream shop Baskin-Robbins for the branches in Pearl Plaza (Bình Thạnh Dist, Ho Chi Minh City) and in Sense City Bến Tre is a combination between modern wrought iron tables and chairs and the brightness of color.

Durability and sophisticated iron patterns are the advantages of Triquimex’s artistic iron tables and chairs. Nowadays, many restaurants and coffee shops choose artistic iron tables and chairs to display in their space. That’s why their furnishing space will become more attractive and impressive to their customers. In this writing, Triquimex would like to introduce you about a joint project between Triquimex and the ice-cream shop chain Baskin-Robbins. In which, we supply artistic iron tables and chairs for the branches of Baskin-Robbins at Pearl Plaza (Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City) and at Sense City Ben Tre.

artistic iron tables and chairs in project with Baskin-Robbins

The space of Baskin-Robbins‘s ice-cream shop has dynamic, modern, and youthful style. These spaces always attract many visitors to come there. Go hand in hand with the architecture of the space is decoration of furniture. You have to arrange and choose the furniture items that fitting into your spaces to make a perfect harmony. For this reason, Baskin-Robbins has chosen Triquimex’s white artistic iron tables and chairs to beautify the space in their two branches.


The artistic iron tables and chairs displayed in Baskin-Robbins have elegant and not too complicated design. The sets of artistic iron tables and chairs are manufactured in simple style with just some curved iron bars at the legs of the chair and the base of the table. However, the overall looks of these products seem so soft and modern. It is suitable with the criteria in business of the owner.

For the brightness of the space, Baskin-Robbins chooses white color to paint for the sets of artistic tables and chairs in their spaces. White is the color of purity and elegance. Together with the artistic iron patterns, it will make the set of artistic iron tables and chairs become more prominent and featured.artistic iron tables and chairs in project with Baskin-Robbins

The furniture products of Triquimex are always powder coated for antirust and preventing all the bad conditions from the outside. The sets of artistic iron tables and chairs in Baskin-Robbins are no exceptions. Therefore, our outdoor furniture products are not only used for decoration, but also are durable.

artistic iron tables and chairs in project with Baskin-Robbins

In the modern and elegant space of the ice-cream shop Baskin-Robbins, you will enjoy the special and unique taste of ice-cream there. It must be such a wonderful feeling when you sink into the atmosphere of Baskin-Robbins‘s space and have your own the relaxing moments.

Applied the powder coating treatment on all metal details of our products, we ensure products made with high quality. Triquimex can customize the color for customer’s demand. It will help customer feel free to create their own space according to their purpose.

Besides the sets of artistic iron tables and chairs that Triquimex provides to Baskin-Robbins, we also supply many kinds of outdoor furniture products. Hence, if you are concerned in outdoor garden furniture products, please contact us for more helpful information.

Choosing Triquimex as your garden furniture supplier, you do not need to worry about quality of products. We set quality as our first priority to give our customer the absolute satisfaction. Due to the powder coating treatment, all of our products can stand out all the elements from the outside. Moreover, selecting the good raw materials is the first step in our production process. Therefore, the durability and lifespan of outdoor furniture products are now a worry no longer.

Thank you for your time with Triquimex!