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The website is managed by Triquimex Co., Ltd, a manufacuturer Vietnam outdoor furniture. By entering and using our website for mosaic and wrought iron furniture from Vietnam, you accept also the below terms and conditions. Triquimex reserves the sole right to make necessary amendments, additions, corrections or deletions to these terms of use at any time without prior notice. The content of this website, including information, tools and links, picture and text, provided free of charge and intended to be helpful to our business of outdoor furniture in Vietnam, are the property of Triquimex Co., Ltd, manufacturer and exporter of outdoor iron furniture from Vietnam.

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The purpose of this website is to present Triquimex’s products (i.e. mosaic table, light weight concrete table, wrought iron chair made in Vietnam, by Triquimex) and support our business activities with customers. We cannot however guarantee that our website’s content is always neither accurate nor up to date. Users must check with us for the confirmation before applying to the individual circumstances of their business. Copy, re-use or reproduction of the website’s content or any material including picture, text, graphic layout, module… without written permission from us are strictly forbidden. You must not use this website in breach of copyright, trade mark, confidence, privacy or any other rights.

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For any further information or assistance, please do not hesitat to contact us at Triquimex Contact