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Our work

Ceramic mosaic (zellige) and wrought iron are arts practiced for a long time over the world. This artistic profession requires not only meticulous patience but also aesthetic view of craftsmen. Nowadays, thanks to technology development, some steps in the production line are completed by machines but to get out beautiful products, either table or chair; mirror or shelf; outdoor parasol or indoor bed; fence or gate… our team’s technical skills are always essential.

Our creations are designed and produced in our workshop, located in Binh Duong Province, suburb of Ho Chi Minh City, with all necessary technical, human and environmental condition. And the same like all other jobs, to manufacture wrought iron and ceramic mosaic (zellige) products, we have also our own know-how which is our professional privacy. In this presentation, we bypass some steps without pictures for the confidentialities. Thank you for your understanding.

Now we invite you to visit our production by clicking on the following photos to get an idea about the quality of the products you will purchase. We will be happy to be at your service for any questions or additional information.