About Us

about us


What started as a place for iron table and chair is now the best way to find wondrous pieces of outdoor furniture for home and garden - most of which will not be found better elsewhere on Earth (or any other planet).

Triquimex is a manufacturer and exporter of outdoor garden furniture from Vietnam. Starting our own business in 2005, we keep developing innovative production solutions that make our products meet new trends demand while remaining competitive in cost. At Triquimex, our mission has been the same from day one. We are obsessed with creating and providing with unique and authentic product made of wrought iron, ceramic mosaic and light weight concrete. We keep adding new designs, new material to our collection so that you can find everything you need to improve your garden and outdoor space.

From the earliest days, Triquimex had looked abroad, both for our product designs and our market. And by 2008, eighty percent of our sales were abroad. For most of our existence, Triquimex has been content with the business turnover and the growth rate. With over 10 years of outdoor furniture production expertise, we strive hard to make our products fit the needs of our customers and partners. Today, Triquimex management team is composed of accomplished executives and industry experts with years of experience of engineering, product development, sales, management, and entrepreneurship in the furniture industry.

Our guiding principles


Good products at a competitive price

Our idea from day one has always been to create and produce great pieces of outdoor garden furniture from wrought iron and mosaic. And every single product at Triquimex is ruled by this aesthetic, quality and cost standard.


Excellent service and partner for everyone

As a manufacturer and exporter of outdoor furniture, we are excited about building strong business relationships with all our partners: customers, suppliers and community as well. We strive for an efficient, uncompromised, sincere, fabulous, caring and exceptional business service. It has to be as close to perfect as possible.


AT TRIQUIMEX, we deal exclusively with commercial customers

With over 10 years experience dedicated to developing and manufacturing wrought iron, ceramic mosaic and light weight concrete products for garden and outdoor use, Triquimex today is serving importers from around the world. Here are some highlights of our company:

Started as the manufacturer of wrought iron and mosaic furniture from Vietnam.
Exported 80% of production volume to EU, US and Australia.
Inaugurated the 300 sqm showroom in Hồ Chí Minh suburb.
10th anniversary - confirmed a solid growth rate of 20% year over year.